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biomechanical analysis and

accident reconstruction

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In addition to performing our own accident reconstruction, we review any other accident reconstruction and photographic and video evidence. After a review of the crash report, we analyze the available electronic download data. An accurate biomechanical analysis includes review of witness statements, deposition testimonies, and medical records.

Mechanics is a part of physics that looks at forces and what they do. Biomechanics is using the rules of mechanics to understand how living things move, especially how people move when forces are applied to them. Our job is to recreate the accident to determine those forces and if those forces injured the people involved, and we use peer-reviewed articles written by other experts to back up what we find. We apply the universal laws of physics, including Newton’s Laws of Motion, biomechanical engineering principles, and research of relevant biomechanical literature.


Experience professional involved with engineering and crash reconstruction of commercial and private vehicles since 1995.


Graduate studies in Mechanical Engineering,
Master of Science, Physical Science
Bachelor of Science, Aerospace Engineering
Extensive training in accident reconstruction and biomechanics


Registered Professional Engineer, State of Texas
Federal Aviation Administration Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate

Victor E. Holloman

Victor Holloman – a registered professional engineer who specializes in biomechanical analysis and accident reconstruction.
We would love the opportunity to put my expertise to work with you.

We provide expertise in biomechanical analysis, commercial, private vehicle and powered industrial trucks (forklift), and accident reconstruction. Our litigation support includes change in speed (delta-v) and force computations, rollover and time/distance analyses, and technical report preparation. We have extensive knowledge in Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR) and OSHA regulations involving commercial vehicles and powered industrial trucks. References, trial, and deposition testimony lists are available upon request.

Crash Reconstruction Experience

  • Commercial and private vehicles
  • Biomechanical analysis
  • Site inspection
  • Human factors
  • Occupant kinematics and traumatic brain injury
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